PornML, Andi Peacock Mrs Peacock’s Special Touch
October 8, 2022

PornML, Andi Peacock Mrs Peacock’s Special Touch big tits porn sex
Peter Fitzwell is not having a fun day. He’s worried about the problems at his job. Things like this can really get a guy down. That’s why he needs a hot mamma like Mrs. Peacock to get him up and keep him up. Andi knows exactly what to do and she has the hot body and seductive skills.

Mrs. Peacock locks her luscious lips around his cock and sucks him until he’s as hard as a rock. She squeezes her big, heavy tits together to make a titty tunnel for his skin-bus to drive through. Then she raises her legs in the air and spreads her pussy open for a pounding fuck. Mrs. Peacock knows what guys like and want.

Mrs. Peacock explained what she does for her man.

“I buy him gifts that require a lot of thought and meaning. Take huge cocks and get my pussy all stretched out and slutty. That’s his favorite. He buys me nice outfits, jewelry, dinners and anything I want.”

Andi described her special talents. “Squirting. I can squirt from lots of different positions. I enjoy giving blow jobs. I. R
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