PTaboo, Victoria Voxxx, Troubleshooting
August 29, 2023

PTaboo, Victoria Voxxx, Troubleshooting
A woman, Helen (Victoria Voxxx), is having trouble with her work computer, so she contacts her company’s IT rep, Trevor (Jay Smooth), to try and fix it remotely. As they speak over the phone, things quickly go south as his troubleshooting questions go from innocent to inappropriate, making Helen more and more uncomfortable. But she desperately needs her computer fixed, so she doesn’t confront him outright, and even allows him to get access to her webcam when he requests it under the guise of needing to troubleshoot more. Unfortunately for Helen, he can’t seem to find the problem remotely, which means he needs to pay her a home visit. Although Helen is majorly creeped out by the guy, she doesn’t want to miss more work, so allows him over.

Duration: 00:50:15
Frame rate: 23.976 fps
Size: 968.09 MB

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