PTaboo, Whitney Wright, Dee Williams When Men Were Men
September 12, 2023

PTaboo, Whitney Wright, Dee Williams When Men Were Men
A husband and wife, Bryan (Pierce Paris) and Emma (Whitney Wright), dread having to talk to their landlady, Josephine (Dee Williams), who is about to arrive. It’s revealed that there is tension between the couple and the old-fashioned landlady.

When Josephine arrives, all smiles, Bryan and Emma ask Josephine for the THIRD time to change the name on their mailbox to Emma’s last name since Emma’s name is displayed wrong. Josephine doesn’t see what the big problem is and insists it’d be easier if Emma just took Bryan’s name since it’s tradition. Emma becomes angry but Bryan steps in to defuse the situation. Thankfully, once Bryan directly asks Josephine to change the name himself, Josephine is much more receptive and leaves to do exactly that.

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