TabooHeat, Chloe Cooper, Step Family Stuck New Formula
September 26, 2023

TabooHeat, Chloe Cooper, Step Family Stuck New Formula

Johnny Love is sitting down at the table, ready to sign his signature on his Step Grand-father’s inheritance papers. ‘What is MILF Glue?’ Johnny asks, as he reads some of the papers in front of him. ‘How do you think your father made all his money? MILF Glue…’ The step-sisters exclaim. Johnny is intrigued by this MILF Glue but he doesn’t fully understand what it is. Luke Longly calls Cory Chase over to demonstrate the MILF Glue. Luke pours some MILF Glue on Cory’s hands first, followed by Amiee Cambridge’s hands and Melanie Hicks’s hands. All 3 of the MILF’s stick their hands down on the table, and they stick to it! Cory is wearing a black lingerie set while Melanie is wearing red lingerie and Amiee is wearing beige. Johnny’s step-sister, Kira Fox, pulls off her red blazer and she starts to give her step-brother a blowjob. She also uses her hands at the same time, since Kira is the only female in the room who is not glued to the table. Kira lies down on the table, in the missionary position, and Johnny starts to fuck his step-sister’s pussy while the 3 MILF’s watch them. Kira flips over into the doggystyle position and her step-brother continues to fuck her pussy from behind, with the 3 MILF’s watching them. Kira sucks Johnny’s cock clean, as Luke walks back into the room with some important news! ‘Before Leroy died, he was working on a special Milf Glue formula that would work on step-sisters and step-daughters as well! Not just MILF’s…’ he says, while staring at Kira…
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